Cornelius has requested I provide a Testimonial for him and Fit for Life in relation to the very material assistance he gave to me over a 6 year period
(1998-2004) when he was my Personal Trainer and health mentor.

When I met Cornelius I was 54 years old, very over weight (17.8 stone) drinking too much and like a lot of people subject to high levels of work related stress.

I had historically never taken any exercise let alone been inside a gym, and this was a challenge in itself.

Cornelius from the first understood my concerns and natural reluctance to embark on the discipline and rigour of regular training sessions.

Cornelius’s first requirement was a thorough physical review (Not one of those 5 minute checks a lot of gym’s appear to offer), he then provided a bespoke programme of very structured training to bring me initially to a fitness level which allowed me to walk upstairs without resting at the top.

My fitness programmes were always, closely controlled, monitored and more importantly we completed regular health-weight checks and exercise reviews and agreed on what I could do better.

To get me to a reasonable level of fitness must have taken the best part of a year based on 1/2 sessions a week.

Cornelius pushed me to, improve, do better, always encouraged and made sure I did it right and gained the maximum benefit from our sessions.

After a year or so I was positively enjoying the sessions, felt comfortable in the gym environment, and looked forward to “my hour” of relaxation.

In the 6 years Cornelius trained me my weight reduced to about 14.0 stone, my drinking reduced a lot, my fitness level improved off the scale, and all of these factors helped hugely with my work related stress and improved my general well being.

As you would expect Cornelius and I developed a very good working relationship, understanding and I am grateful to him for his professional approach, his ability to encourage me to achieve a fitness/level of well being I did not think was possible.

Best regards and good luck.

Peter Sarbutt

I was introduced to Cornelius a few years ago via my Pilates instructor who had worked with Cornelius at a local gym.

When I first met Cornelius I straight away felt extremely comfortable with him. He was very easy to talk to and discussed with me what my goals were and how I wanted to improve my shape. He worked out a regime for me and we met regularly for about 3 years in a local gym where he bullied (very politely) and cajoled me into doing what he wanted me to do and showed me how to use all the gym equipment in a safe and correct manner.

During my time of training with Cornelius I lost weight (about 2 stone) and toned up all my flabby bits – and it was never a chore for me to train with him. Of course there were tears but there was a lot of laughter, but above all Cornelius is a consumate professional and a true gentleman.

I was devasted when Cornelius said he was moving to Rutland – too far for me to have 3 sessions a week with him and I still miss him and I wish he was back in Essex.

I wish him every success in his new Fit For Life venture and I am very envious that he has started up a Powerwalking Club.

Judy Strong

The worst thing Cornelius ever done was to move from Essex to Rutland. Essex lost, (without doubt) the best trainer and sports injury physio that I have ever come across. He is the supreme Irish gentleman to the ladies and a good friend to the lads and I recommend him very highly.

Having seen him work with people post surgery, such as replacement knee and hip operation, getting them back to full health and seeing first hand the pleasure and relief on their faces I would travel from Essex to Rutland should I need such attention.

If Cornelius says he can help you, then he certainly can. I have known Cornelius for more than 15 years and he was my personal trainer for 10 years, but I will never forgive him for moving from Essex.


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